Our Mission

We are a sisterhood of ambassadors who, through fundraising and service, support charitable organizations that assist families and individuals.

Who We Are…

The Club of Hearts is a nonprofit corporation providing assistance to 501(c)(3) exempt organizations that assist families and individuals through service and fundraising.

In the fall of 2020, five of us discussed the possibility of forming an organization that would bring women throughout the Chicagoland area from various backgrounds, religions and ages together with the purpose of helping those in need. In doing so, we decided we would adopt Mother Teresa’s motto, “Together we can do great things”.

Each year the entire membership will vote on a different charitable organization to support through service and fundraising. At the end of the year, we will donate all the funds we raised to that year’s chosen charity at a year-end celebration.

While having a lot of fun, our hope is that our members will end each year knowing and having a connection with the charity and them with us.


Several optional service opportunities through the chosen charity will be offered each year that you can sign up for according to your schedule.


We look to have two fundraisers each year, one in the late spring/early summer and one in the late fall. The late spring/summer event will be a dinner party for couples, friends and adult family members. The fall event will be a holiday boutique and cocktail party for women. We want to make the ticket price to the events affordable and welcoming to all, and then provide opportunities to raise additional funds at the events. We look to have the fundraisers fun, but not labor intensive.

We look forward to working with all of you to make the “Club of Hearts” not only a force for good but also a women’s organization that is led by fellowship and FUN! All members are welcome to invite friends to join the club and support each year’s charity.


Marianne Bestler     Mary Anne Bobrinskoy     Erin Foley     M. Patricia (Patti) Kane     Carole Sandner

Together we can do great things.

Mother Theresa